Ignazio Fragalà

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This study was designed to obtain nitrogen-rich layers on the surfaces of endodontic files made of nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloy by chemical vapor deposition. Experimental samples (GT rotary instruments) were deposited by using two different methods. The first one was based on the reaction of wet NH3 with NiTi under high temperatures (300 degrees C). The(More)
The synthesis, characterization, and two-dimensional second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) response of a dipolar NiII donor- acceptor Schiff base complex and the related ligand are reported. Electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation and harmonic light (hyper-Rayleigh) scattering techniques, in combination with INDO/SCI-SOS theoretical calculations,(More)
Metal organic–chemical vapor deposition (MO-CVD) is widely used to grow multicomponent metal oxide films. The industrial equipment consists of complex CVD reactors fully dedicated to specific deposition processes. R&D activities require flexible and low-cost apparatus, which can easily be switched between various CVD processes. These systems must feature(More)
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