Ignatious Matimati

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Transpiration may enhance mass-flow of nutrients to roots, especially in low-nutrient soils or where the root system is not extensively developed. Previous work suggested that nitrogen (N) may regulate mass-flow of nutrients. Experiments were conducted to determine whether N regulates water fluxes, and whether this regulation has a functional role in(More)
With a high percentage of endemics along the west coast of South Africa, especially in the family Aizoaceae, the region is considered one of the earth’s biodiversity hot spots. It has been suggested that the diversity and radiation of the Aizoaceae are coincident with low but predictable rainfall and lack of competition between species. In this study we(More)
The significance of soil water redistribution by roots and nocturnal transpiration for nutrient acquisition were assessed for deep-rooted 3-year-old leguminous Aspalathus linearis shrubs of the Cape Floristic Region (South Africa). We hypothesised that hydraulic redistribution and nocturnal transpiration facilitate nutrient acquisition by releasing moisture(More)
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