Ignasi Juvells

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Algebraic reconstruction techniques (ARTs) have been intensively studied in image reconstruction. However, reconstructed images often exhibit a characteristic noise when applied to emission tomography. In this work, we study the influence of the ART relaxation parameter and identify values of that parameter which yield smooth images and good convergence.(More)
Methods for generating beams with arbitrary polarization based on the use of liquid crystal displays have recently attracted interest from a wide range of sources. In this paper we present a technique for generating beams with arbitrary polarization and shape distributions at a given plane using a Mach-Zehnder setup. The transverse components of the(More)
One of the problems in the routine use of the maximum-likelihood estimator method-expectation maximization (MLE-EM) algorithm is to decide when the iterative process should be stopped. We studied a cross-validation stopping rule to assess its usefulness in SPECT. We tested this stopping rule criterion in the MLE-EM algorithm without acceleration as well as(More)
The utility of the correlation for alignment of myocardial perfusion imaging with 201TI was studied. The tests were made by numerical simulation of a heart model with an artefact and a theoretical background superimposed in normal and pathological situations. The methods used were bidimensional and unidimensional correlation techniques and were applied(More)
A method for the evaluation of myocardial perfusion with 201Tl scintigraphic images is presented. The method is based on making a pixel-by-pixel comparison of the stress and the redistribution images aligned by using bidimensional correlation techniques between the nonpathologic regions of the myocardium. The comparison is made by means of parametric images(More)
One of the most important problems in optical pattern recognition by correlation is the appearance of sidelobes in the correlation plane, which causes false alarms. We present a method that eliminate sidelobes of up to a given height if certain conditions are satisfied. The method can be applied to any generalized synthetic discriminant function filter and(More)
Long mitochondria containing paracrystalline inclusions have been detected in the epithelial cells of the basal layer of the rat ureter close to the bladder (Barastegui and Ruano-Gil, 1978). In the first part of this investigation the origin of these inclusions from alterations of the cristae has been suggested. The current report deals with an analysis by(More)
We present a polarimetric-based optical encoder for image encryption and verification. A system for generating random polarized vector keys based on a Mach-Zehnder configuration combined with translucent liquid crystal displays in each path of the interferometer is developed. Polarization information of the encrypted signal is retrieved by taking advantage(More)
A method to evaluate the physical realizability of an arbitrary three-dimensional vectorial field distribution in the focal area is proposed. A parameter that measures the similarity between the designed (target) field and the physically achievable beam is provided. This analysis is carried out within the framework of the closest electromagnetic field to a(More)