Ignacio Solís-Marcos

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This is the first study to use fNIRS to explore anaesthetic depth and awakening during surgery with general anaesthesia. A 16 channel continuous wave (CW) functional near-infrared system (fNIRS) was used to monitor PFC activity. These outcomes were compared to BIS measures. The results indicate that deoxyHb concentration in the PFC varies during the(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE To determine whether early neurorehabilitation improves a patient's functional recovery. RESEARCH DESIGN A retrospective study was carried out on patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) who underwent a minimum of 4 months of integral and multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation. METHODS AND PROCEDURES Fifty-eight patients with(More)
The introduction of the point system driver's license in several European countries could offer a valid framework for evaluating driving skills. This is the first study to use this framework to assess the functional integrity of executive functions in middle-aged drivers with full points, partial points or no points on their driver's license (N = 270). The(More)
INTRODUCTION After a traumatic brain injury (TBI), cognitive functionality may be severely altered. Some studies have aimed at identifying the best predictive variables for cognitive recovery, however, results still remain unclear. AIMS To assess the recovery of cognitive functionality in TBI patients after a rehabilitation programme, and to identify the(More)
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