Ignacio Pérez

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A central composite design was used to investigate the influence of the cooking conditions (time, temperature and butanol concentration) for wheat straw with butanol-water mixtures on the properties of the pulp obtained (yield and holocellulose, α-cellulose, lignin and ethanol-benzene extractives contents) and the pH of the resulting waste water. A(More)
This paper reports on the influence of independent variables in the pulping of wheat straw (viz. cooking temperature and time, and ethanol concentration), and of the number of PFI beating revolutions to which the pulp is subjected, on the yield and Shopper-Riegler index of the pulp, and on the breaking length, stretch, burst index and tear index of the(More)
The novel metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of indium organometallics with organic electrophiles is described. Triorganoindium compounds (R(3)In) containing alkyl, vinyl, aryl, and alkynyl groups are efficiently prepared from the corresponding lithium or magnesium organometallics by reaction with indium trichloride. The cross-coupling reaction of(More)
A very high energy -ray signal has been detected at the 5.5 level from H1426+428, an X-ray–selected BL Lacertae object at a redshift of 0.129. The object was monitored from 1995 to 1998 with theWhipple 10 m imaging atmospheric Cerenkov telescope as part of a general blazar survey; the results of these observations, although not statistically significant,(More)
electrostatic interactions with laponite clay leads to excellent results in the first run, as a consequence of the role of the clay as anion. However most of the reaction takes place in solution due to leaching of active complex, and the solids are not reusable. Covalent immobilization to Merrifield’s resin does not allow reaching the high(More)
Two ground-based experiments have recently independently detected TeV γ-rays from the direction of the Galactic center. The observations made by the VERITAS and CANGAROO collaborations are unexpected, although not impossible to interpret in terms of astrophysical sources. Here we examine in detail whether the observed γ-rays may arise from the more exotic(More)
Our understanding of blazars has been greatly increased in recent years by extensive multiwavelength observations, particularly in the radio, X-ray, and gamma-ray regions. Over the past decade the Whipple 10 m telescope has contributed to this with the detection of five BL Lacertae objects at very high gamma-ray energies. The combination of multiwavelength(More)
Novel pi-extended tetrathiafulvalene (exTTF)-based donor acceptor hybrids-dyads and triads-have been synthesized following a multistep synthetic procedure. Cyclic voltammetry and absorption spectroscopy, conducted in room temperature solutions, reveal features that are identical to the sum of the separate donor and acceptor moieties. Steady-state and(More)