Ignacio Ortuño-Ortin

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This paper proposes a new method to measure ethnolinguistic diversity and offers new results linking such diversity with a range of political economy outcomes — civil conflict, redistribution, economic growth and the provision of public goods. We use linguistic trees, describing the genealogical relationship between the entire set of 6, 912 world languages,(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This paper uses a linguistic tree, describing the genealogical relationship between all 6912 world languages, to compute measures of diversity at different levels of linguistic aggregation. By doing so, we let the data inform us on which linguistic cleavages are most relevant for a range of political economy outcomes, rather than(More)
This paper quantitatively analyzes the stability and breakup of nations. The tradeoff between increasing returns in the provision of public goods and the costs of greater cultural heterogeneity mediates agents' preferences over different geographical configurations , thus determining the likelihood of secessions and unions. After calibrating the model to(More)
This note adds one celebrated coalition formation game due to Gamson (1961) in the list of applications of the theory of hedonic games explored by Banerjee, Konishi and S • omnez (2001) and Bogomolnaia and Jackson (2002). We apply their results to study the original Gamson game and ooer extensions both to a multi-dimensional characteristics space and to an(More)
We propose a new method to assess the merit of any set of scientific papers in a given field based on the citations they receive. Given a field and a citation impact indicator, such as the mean citation or the [Formula: see text]-index, the merit of a given set of [Formula: see text] articles is identified with the probability that a randomly drawn set of(More)
This paper attempts to detect the existence of links in consumption preferences between generations. Preferences for consumption goods may be determined by the preferences of parents (vertical transmission) and/or by preferences arising from the environment (horizontal transmission). We propose an indirect methodology to overcome the lack of data on(More)
Many suppose that democracy is an ethos which requires, inter alia, a degree of economic equality among citizens. In contrast, we conceive of democracy as ruthless electoral competition between groups of citizens with different interests, who are organized into parties. We inquire whether such competition, which we assume to be concerned with distributive(More)
In this paper we adopt the Selten-Pool (1993) framework of language acquisition based on " communicative benefits " derived from the ability to communicate with other speakers of an acquired language, and " learning costs " incurred by acquiring a foreign language. We show that, under some mild conditions, there exists a unique interior linguistic(More)