Ignacio Novo-Veleiro

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BACKGROUND Polymorphisms in the microRNA (miRNA) regulatory pathways are novel functional genetic variants whose association with alcoholism susceptibility has not been previously studied. Given the potential relationship between certain miRNAs and alcohol use disorders (AUDs), this study was designed to explore the association between two polymorphisms(More)
According to the literature, prostatitis is a rare cause of prolonged fever without an apparent origin. However, this syndrome can be easily diagnosed using specific tests, either two-glass pre- and post-prostatic massage or the Meares–Stamey four-glass test. A retrospective study over a 5-year period (between August 1st 2006 and July 31st 2011) was(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic polymorphisms in the RAS gene family are associated with different diseases, which may include alcohol-related disorders. Previous studies showed an association of the allelic variant rs26907 in RASGRF2 gene with higher alcohol intake. Additionally, the rs61764370 polymorphism in the KRAS gene is located in a binding site for the let-7(More)
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