Ignacio Martínez Ruiz

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BACKGROUND The identification of the molecular basis of disorders of keratinisation has significantly advanced our understanding of skin biology, revealing new information on key structures in the skin, such as the intermediate filaments, desmosomes, and gap junctions. Among these disorders, there is an extraordinarily heterogeneous group known as(More)
In this paper, we present the development of a remote server that provides a user-friendly access to advanced electrocardiographic (ECG) signal processing techniques. The prototype supplies telemedicine facilities to doctors for clinical indexes remote computation to support diagnosis through the Internet. The user-friendly interface is based on the(More)
Patients on chronic hemodialysis often portray high serum [K+]. Although dietary excesses are evident in many cases, in others, the cause of hyperkalemia cannot be identified. In such cases, hyperkalemia could result from decreased potassium removal during dialysis. This situation could occur if alkalinization of body fluids during dialysis would drive(More)
OBJECTIVES The Eiffel study is a longitudinal, naturalistic study of patients with first episode psychosis (FEP) designed to evaluate the predictive value of defective insight on treatment adherence and global functioning. METHODS Five hundred seventy-seven patients with FEP were assessed at baseline and at a 1-year follow-up. They were compared in terms(More)
We describe 2 patients who both developed cellulitis due to Neisseria meningitidis and review 8 other cases reported since 1966. Female patients outnumbered male patients by 8 to 2, and there were 5 children and 5 adults. Four cases were caused by the serogroup C meningococcus, 2 cases by serogroup B and 2 others by serogroup Y (the nature of the(More)
This study investigates the role of water quality parameters as possible risk or protection factors in Aeromonas spp-affected rainbow trout hatcheries in northeastern Spain. The results revealed an association between oxygen concentration, ammonia concentration and total dissolved solids (TDS) with the prevalence of Aeromonas spp cases on the affected fish(More)
The effect of Baypamun, a non-specific immune system stimulant, on the treatment and control of furunculosis was studied in experimentally infected rainbow trout. A statistically significant association between the Baypamun treatment and a reduction in cumulative incidence of the clinical symptoms of Furunculosis and the infection level, despite the(More)
The authors evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) and dexamethasone on an endotoxin induced uveitis (EIU) model, in rabbits. Six groups of 12 rabbits were formed. In groups II to V a uveitis was induced by an intravitreal injection of 5 ul of saline, containing 10 ng of endotoxin of Salmonella typhi. In group I, which(More)
Currently, one of the main issues of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in the area of e-Health is the design of telemedicine services based on the study of interactions established between people and new technologies. Nevertheless, the research in HCI has been mainly focused from a cognitive point of view, and most studies don’t consider other variables(More)
WinEpi Tasas 2.0 is a new, globally accessible computer program, which has been developed as a research tool for the epidemiological study of the pathological processes which affect animal populations. This new version of the program, based on the experimental version, WinEpi Tasas 1.0, enables users to study the distribution and evolution of diseases in(More)