Ignacio Martín

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Reconstructing and rendering trees is a challenging problem due to the geometric complexity involved, and the inherent difficulties of capture. In this paper we propose a volumetric approach to capture and render trees with relatively sparse foliage. Photographs of such trees typically have single pixels containing the blended projection of numerous(More)
We present a GPU-driven method for the fast computation of specular reflections on curved objects. For every reflector of the scene, our method computes a virtual object for every other object reflected in it. This virtual reflected object is then rendered and blended with the scene. For each vertex of each virtual object, a reflection point is found on the(More)
This paper proposes an efficient method for the production of high quality radiosity solutions which makes use of the a-priori knowledge of the dynamic properties of the scene in order to exploit temporal coherence. The method is based on a two-pass strategy that provides user-control on the final frame quality. In the first pass, it computes a coarse(More)
We present a new method to compute interactive reflections on curved objects. The approach creates virtual reflected objects which are blended into the scene. We use a property of the reflection geometry which allows us to efficiently and accurately find the point of reflection for every reflected vertex, using only reflector geometry and normal(More)
A Linear Hierarchical Radiosity method using point collocation and triangle meshes is proposed that allows C 0 continuity and performs energy exchange at any level both in the shooter and the receiver ; this method leads to an exact representation of the Gouraud shading interpolation that will be used for rendering. A new reenement criterion is presented(More)
ÐA framework for the development of di€erent global illumination algorithms is presented: the SIR (Sistema de Iluminacio n Realista) architecture. It consists of a set of object-oriented components, which constitute a kernel, intended to be extended by software developers for the speci®c needs of photorealistic or physically based rendering algorithms. #(More)
Aiming at rendering high quality images robustly for general environments with simple algorithms, we use a two-pass method that accounts for the global illumination. In this paper we present the integration of a new gathering procedure in the rendering pass, that uses the approximate results obtained by a particle tracing method, an extension of the(More)
Android malware has emerged in the last decade as a consequence of the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets. While most previous work focuses on inherent characteristics of Android apps to detect malware, this study analyses indirect features to identify patterns often observed in malware applications. We show that modern Machine Learning(More)
Based on the limited ability of the human being to voluntarily control submaximal eccentric exertions, previous studies have indicated that isokinetic testing with a combined concentric-eccentric exercise protocol could effectively identify submaximal (feigned) effort in various muscle groups by showing an abnormally high eccentric to concentric ratio(More)
Recent studies have reported the presence of acetylcholine (ACh) receptor subtypes in bone tissue, and have demonstrated that inhibition of the ACh receptors has negative effects on bone mass and fracture healing capacity. However, little is known about the potential clinical effects that increased ACh signaling might have on bone. Accordingly, this study(More)