Ignacio López-de-Ullibarri

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There is a large number of applications where family relationships need to be determined from DNA data. In forensic science, competing ideas are in general verbally formulated as the two hypotheses of a test. For the most common paternity case, the null hypothesis states that the alleged father is the true father against the alternative hypothesis that the(More)
A local linear method for estimating the conditional ROC curve under the presence of continuous and categorical covariates has been introduced in this paper. A data driven smoothing parameter has been proposed via the bootstrap method. The methods have been illustrated with real data coming from a discrimination problem emerging in the context of a(More)
The logrank test is the most popular choice for testing the equality of two survival distributions with time-to-event data. It is based on the comparison of the Nelson-Aalen estimates of the corresponding cumulative hazard functions. The improvements of the logrank test in the literature have been accomplished using weighted logrank tests, with the weight(More)
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