Ignacio Gonzalez Suarez

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The parathyroid hyperplasia secondary to kidney disease is associated with enhanced expression of the growth promoter transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha). TGF-alpha stimulates growth through activation of its receptor, the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), normally expressed in the parathyroid glands. Because enhanced coexpression of(More)
OBJECTIVE AND METHODS In a cross-sectional study, based on a cohort composed of HIV-infected patients of fifteen tertiary level institutions of Spain, the main data of the entire cohort are described, characteristics of patients with or without hepatitis C coinfection are compared, and the possible association of hepatitis C virus coinfection with(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer patients search for information about prognosis and treatment. Internet has become a major source of medical information. Its impact on oncology patients is not well known. PATIENTS AND METHODS Three hundred and eighty questionnaires were distributed to cancer patients and companions and 293 were returned. The type of information they(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of the study is to validate the relevant GESIDA quality indicators for HIV infection, assessing the reliability, feasibility and adherence to them. METHODS The reliability was evaluated using the reproducibility of 6 indicators in peer review, with the second observer being an outsider. The feasibility and measurement of the(More)
The clinical characteristics of three plasterers in contact with esparto and who presented a picture of extrinsic allergic alveolitis which was peculiar because of their being hyperacute and causing hypoxemia. In addition to a review of 5 previously published sporadic cases the clinical picture of this new type of apparently infrequent alveolitis is(More)
INTRODUCTION To assess the long-term effectiveness, safety and response-related factors in a cohort of HIV-infected persons receiving antiretroviral therapy containing nelfinavir. Design and setting. Prospective, non-randomized multicenter study. METHOD A total of 792 patients were included: 254 (32.1%) treatment-naive patients and 538 (67.9%) patients(More)
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