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We quantified parameters for a model of leaf-level photosynthesis for olive, and tested the model against an independent dataset. Specific temperature-dependence parameters of the model for olive leaves were measured, as well as the relationship of the model parameters with area-based leaf nitrogen (N) content. The effect of soil water deficit on leaf(More)
The compensation heat pulse method is widely used to estimate sap flow in conducting organs of woody plants. Being an invasive technique, calibration is crucial to derive correction factors for accurately estimating the sap flow value from the measured heat pulse velocity. We compared the results of excision and perfusion calibration experiments made with(More)
Late wilt of maize, caused by the vascular and soilborne pathogen Cephalosporium maydis, was identified in the Iberian Peninsula in 2008. During the last years the incidence and economical impact of the disease has importantly increased both in Portugal and Spain. Varieties of maize displaying tolerance to the pathogen are available, but the effectiveness(More)
The long-term influence of a mine spill in soil was studied 12 years after the Aznalcóllar accident. Soils where the pyritic sludge was not removed, a fenced plot established for research purposes (2000 m(2)) and soils where the process of remediation was accomplished successfully were sampled and studied in detail. Soils were characterized at different(More)
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