Ignacio García-Mata

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We study numerically the effects of nonlinearity on the Anderson localization in lattices with disorder in one and two dimensions. The obtained results show that at moderate strength of nonlinearity a spreading over the lattice in time takes place with an algebraic growth of number of populated sites Deltan proportional to tnu. This spreading continues up(More)
In classical statistical mechanics there is a clear correlation between relaxation to equilibrium and chaos. In contrast, for isolated quantum systems this relation is--to say the least--fuzzy. In this work we try to unveil the intricate relation between the relaxation process and the transition from integrability to chaos. We study the approach to(More)
The Boltzmann echo (BE) is a measure of irreversibility and sensitivity to perturbations for non-isolated systems. Recently, different regimes of this quantity were described for chaotic systems. There is a perturbative regime where the BE decays with a rate given by the sum of a term depending on the accuracy with which the system is time reversed and a(More)
We study numerically multifractal properties of two models of one-dimensional quantum maps: a map with pseudointegrable dynamics and intermediate spectral statistics and a map with an Anderson-like transition recently implemented with cold atoms. Using extensive numerical simulations, we compute the multifractal exponents of quantum wave functions and study(More)
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