Ignacio Castiñeiras

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The term "Acute Syndrome of Apoptotic Pan-Epidermolysis" (ASAP) designs clinical entities characterized by massive cleavage of the epidermis resulting from hyperacute epidermal basal cell apoptotic injury. It can be seen typically in classic toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), but occasionally occurs in non-drug-induced entities called "TEN-like" diseases(More)
The power consumption of a data centre (DC)can be attributed to the power consumed for running the servers and to the computer room air conditioner (CRAC)power for cooling them. The challenge is to distribute the load among servers, controlling the number of active servers and optimally balancing IT and cooling power requirement. This goal demands(More)
In this paper we present a Mixed Integer Programming-based (MIP) approach to optimise the workload allocation of geographically distributed Data Centres (DCs) in the face of dynamic DC performances and electricity prices. We reduce the overall electricity cost for running a DC set over an operating horizon by finding a good compromise between: The number of(More)
In this work we focus on the CFLP system T OY (F D), implemented in SICStus Prolog and supporting F D constraints by interfacing the external CP(F D) solvers of Gecode and ILOG Solver. We extend T OY (F D) with new search primitives, in a setting easily adaptable to other Prolog CLP or CFLP systems. We describe the primitives from a solver-independent point(More)
The power consumption of a data centre (DC) can be attributed to the power consumed by running the servers and the power consumed for cooling them. The challenge is to optimally balance IT and cooling power requirements, which demands the minimisation of a non-linear energy utilisation function. In this paper we propose a problem decomposition-based(More)