Ignacio Alfredo Rivero

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The efforts for synthesis of enantiomerically pure bis-(1,2,3-triazolylmethyl)amino esters 6 are reported in good yields from an in situ generated α-azidomethyl ketone. Optimum experimental conditions were established for preparation of α-halomethyl ketones 10 and α-N,N-dipropargylamino esters 11, all derived from α-amino acids. The starting materials(More)
A simple and efficient microwave-assisted methodology for the synthesis of 4-substituted-3-methyl-1,3-oxazolidin-2-ones from amino alcohols catalyzed by a ionic liquid was developed. This novel one-pot and one-step cyclization-methylation reaction represents an easier and faster method than any other reported protocols that can be used to obtain the desired(More)
Alkylation is a very important chemical reaction which modifies the biological properties of drugs. Quinazolinedione derivatives are of considerable interest due to their wide array of pharmacological properties.We now report application of a practical alkylation procedure to several quinazolinediones, including pelanserine (5f), which shows(More)
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