Ignacia Beltrán de Heredia

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In order to determine individual variability in the amplitude and duration of the nycthemeral rhythm of the plasma melatonin concentration, 12 ovariectomized estradiol-treated Ile-de-France ewes were submitted to a sequence of 34 long days (LD1, 16L:8D), 21 short days (SD, 8L:16D), and 21 LD (LD2). Intensive blood sampling (hourly from 1 hr before dusk to 1(More)
Space availability is essential to grant the welfare of animals. To determine the effect of space availability on movement and space use in pregnant ewes (Ovis aries), 54 individuals were studied during the last 11 weeks of gestation. Three treatments were tested (1, 2, and 3 m2/ewe; 6 ewes/group). Ewes' positions were collected for 15 minutes using(More)
Genotypes, phenotypes and pedigrees of 6 breeds of dairy sheep (including subdivisions of Latxa, Manech, and Basco-Béarnaise) from the Spain and France Western Pyrenees were used to estimate genetic relationships across breeds (together with genotypes from the Lacaune dairy sheep) and to verify by forward cross-validation single-breed or multiple-breed(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze associations between polymorphisms in the PRNP gene and ewe milk traits. A total of 242,565 lactations of the Latxa breed were used. Milk, fat and protein yields, and fat and protein content from black-faced Latxa from Spanish Basque Country, black-faced Latxa from Navarra, and blond-faced Latxa were collected. To(More)
Group size (GS) and space allowance have major implications for the welfare of production species, however their effects are often confounded. In a previous study we investigated the impact of varying space allowance at constant GS. In the present work we report the consequences of varying GS on pregnant ewes while controlling space allowance. We housed(More)
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