Ignace Bogaert

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Gauss–Legendre quadrature rules are of considerable theoretical and practical interest because of their role in numerical integration and interpolation. In this paper, a series expansion for the zeros of the Legendre polynomials is constructed. In addition, a series expansion useful for the computation of the Gauss–Legendre weights is derived. Together,(More)
A novel technique to accelerate the aggregation and disaggregation stages in evanescent plane wave methods is presented. The new method calculates the six plane wave radiation patterns from a multipole expansion (aggregation) and calculates the multipole expansion of an incoming field from the six plane wave incoming field patterns. It is faster than the(More)
The Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm (MLFMA) is widely used for the acceleration of matrix-vector products in the iterative solution of scattering problems. The MLFMA, however, suffers from a low-frequency (LF) breakdown. This breakdown is usually avoided by hybridizing the MLFMA with a method that does not fail at LF. For example, the Green function can(More)
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