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Three Dimensions of Capital Switching within the Real Estate Sector: A Canadian Case Study
This article analyzes capital switching practices in the real estate development sector. The leading practitioners in Canada, the Canadian-based real estate companies, are the subject of thisExpand
Re-Examining Suburban Dispersal: Evidence from Suburban Toronto
Abstract: In recent studies, arguments have been made attesting to the growing spatial dispersion of Canadian agglomerations. Using the patterns of office development, this article presents anExpand
Intra-metropolitan preferences of property developers in greater Toronto’s office market
Abstract Despite the growing recognition that metropolitan real estate markets are segmented spatially and that property development is still profoundly local, research has taken little notice ofExpand
The politics of design: architecture, tall buildings and the skyline of central London
Stressing the significance of high-quality design and iconic architecture helped to wear down deep-rooted antagonism and to channel the debate to improving the aesthetic qualities of London, a goal that enjoys wide consensus. Expand
The Code of the City: Standards and the Hidden Language of Place Making
be actively involved in exploring the models. In Batty’s defense, perhaps this material was not included because of software licensing restrictions or possibly the variety of hardware platforms onExpand
Metropolitan dynamics in Israel: an emerging “metropolitan island state”?
This study analyzes metropolitan dynamics in a small country with an “island state” context of closed boundaries, using commuting data and mobile phone tracking data. We examine whether the IsraeliExpand
The geography of suicide terrorism in Israel
Palestinian suicide terrorism has been a key feature in the latest phase of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. During the past decade, and particularly since September 2000, there has been aExpand
Splintering Skylines in a Fractured City: High-Rise Geographies in Jerusalem
This paper examines the production of contested and mundane spaces in Jerusalem. So far, scholarship has focused primarily on the turbulent ethnonational relations in Jerusalem, while paying lessExpand
A “Supertanker” Against Bureaucracy in the Wake of a Housing Crisis: Neoliberalizing Planning in Netanyahu's Israel
This paper critically questions the state's hostile takeover of planning regulation followed by experimentation initiated by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has been seeking toExpand
Interventions in urban geopolitics
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