Iftikhar U. Sikder

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The characterisation of uncertainty and the management of Quality of Service are important issues in mobile communications. In a Wireless Sensor Network, there is a high probability of redundancy, correlation and noise in the sensor features since data is often collected from a large array of densely deployed neighbouring sensors. This article proposes a(More)
This paper presents a machine learning approach to characterizing premonitory factors of earthquake. The characteristic asymmetric distribution of seismic events and sampling limitations make it difficult to apply the conventional statistical predictive techniques. The paper shows that inductive machine learning techniques such as rough set theory and(More)
abstract Spatial epidemiological approach to healthcare studies provides significant insight in evaluating health intervention and decision making. This article illustrates a space-time cluster analysis using Kulldorff's Scan Statistics (1999), local indicators of spatial autocorrelation, and local G-statistics involving routine clinical service data as(More)
There are numerous technical and organizational challenges in the design and implementation of spatial decision support systems. Part of the problem stems from the distributed and uncoordinated land management practices of individual decision-makers. For example, in environmental planning, multiple decision makers with conflicting goals may need to make(More)