Iftikhar H. Wani

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BACKGROUND This study is aimed to determine the clinical and radiological corellations of adult patients with Spinal Cord Injury Without Radiographic Abnormalities (SCIWORA). METHODS The study population consisted of all adult patients with suspected cervical spine injury. SCIWORA was defined as the presence of either no injury or a neural injury on(More)
The distal end of ulna is an extremely uncommon site for primary bone tumors in general and giant cell tumor in particular. Wide resection is usually indicated in such cases and at times it may be necessary to remove of a long segment of the distal ulna. Any ulnar resection proximal to the insertion of pronator quadratus can lead to instability in the form(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to retrospectively analyse the long term clinical outcome, accuracy of correction, and the complication rate in patients treated for deformities around the knee with gradual distraction with or without additional limb lengthening using Ilizarov technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study presents a retrospective analysis(More)
Background. Injuries of the midfoot are often missed and therefore underestimated. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for the final outcome. The primary aim of this study was to assess the pattern and results of early operative management of mid-foot injuries after a midterm follow up. Material and methods. This study was conducted on 25 patients (19(More)
The optimal treatment of femoral neck fracture in the elderly patient is still under debate. In patients aged 60–80 years, the decision between internal fixation and arthroplasty remains controversial. The primary aim of the present study is to evaluate the functional outcome of patients aged 60–80 years with femoral neck fracture treated with total hip(More)
Giant cell tumor of talus is a rare entity. In contrast to GCT of long bones, most cases occur in a younger age group and tend to be multicentric. The authors report a case of GCT in a 19 year old boy which had led to extensive destruction of the talus. In view of the extensive involvement, total talectomy along with tibio - calcaneal arthrodesis was(More)
Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis is a rare genetic metabolic disorder of cholesterol and bile acid metabolism that results in systemic and neurologic abnormalities. We report two cases of bilateral painful enlargement of the Achilles tendons who subsequently were diagnosed with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis. It is important that orthopaedic surgeons be aware(More)
BACKGROUND Operative management is considered to be the treatment of choice in acetabular fractures as this is the unique way of achieving precise anatomical reduction, stable internal fixation, and early mobilization of joint. With this background in mind we undertook a prospective study with an aim to assess the outcome of surgery in displaced acetabular(More)
This is a prospective study based on 30 cases of compound tibial diaphyseal fractures fulfilling our inclusion criteria and stabilised with primary unreamed solid AO tibial locked nailing with a follow up ranging from 6-18 months. Open fractures were classified as per Gustillo’s. Road traffic accidents were responsible for most of the fractures(80%)(More)
INTRODUCTION Rolando fractures being intra-articular fractures of the most mobile joint of the thumb, assume significance because any residual incongruity of the articular surface may result in loss of motion as well as secondary osteoarthritis and hence serious disability. This fracture continues to pose difficulties to the treating surgeons and although(More)