Iftekhar A. Karimi

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Mathematical modelling and computational analysis play an essential role in improving our capability to elucidate the functions and characteristics of complex biological systems such as metabolic, regulatory and cell signalling pathways. The modelling and concomitant simulation render it possible to predict the cellular behaviour of systems under various(More)
Wet-etching is a key step in wafer fabrication. A wet-etch station is a chemical batch process involving a complex interplay of mixed intermediate storage (MIS) policies and a shared robot for wafer transfers. Its operation poses a challenging resource-constrained scheduling problem that is crucial for enhancing productivity, improving yield and minimizing(More)
The dynamic, non-linear, and complex nature of a supply chain with numerous interactions among its entities are best evaluated using simulation models. The optimization of such system is not amenable to mathematical programming approaches. The simulation-optimization method seems to be the most promising. In this paper, we look at a refinery supply chain(More)
In this paper, we present how a solution framework developed for (a special case of) the multi-objective simulation-optimization problems can be applied to evaluate and optimally select the non-dominated set of inventory policies for two case study problems. Based on the concept of Pareto optimality, the solution framework mainly includes how to evaluate(More)