Iftach Sagy

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Insights about patterns of system use are often gained through the analysis of system log files, which record the actual behavior of users. In a clinical context, however, few attempts have been made to typify system use through log file analysis. The present study offers a framework for identifying, describing, and discerning among patterns of use of a(More)
BACKGROUND Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is common and remains a major cause of morbidity, particularly in developing countries. Its diagnosis relies on expertise-dependent echocardiographic studies. We evaluated the accuracy of briefly trained examiners in identifying RHD utilizing a hand-carried cardiac ultrasound (HCU) device. METHODS Three medical(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal treatment for abdominal wall hernias in the setting of ascites is not clear. We describe our experience with emergent surgery for hernias in patients with cirrhosis and ascites and assess variables associated with poor short- and long-term outcomes to inform decisions about aggressive early repair. METHODS We performed a(More)
BACKGROUND Research that endeavors to identify the value of electronic health information exchange (HIE) systems to the healthcare industry and, specifically, to clinical decision making is often inconclusive or theory-based. Studies seeking to identify how clinical decisions relate to patterns of actual HIE use, often by analyzing system log files,(More)
INTRODUCTION A health scare is an event characterized by fear of catastrophic consequences with little actual results. Regardless of these negligible results, the health, social and economic impacts of such events may be significant. Health scares are spread throughout four major groups: the media, relevant medical experts, policy makers and the public at(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of billing data, medical records, and hospital cost data. OBJECTIVE To quantify intersurgeon variation for hospital costs of four spine procedures while adjusting for patient comorbidities and demographic factors. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Spine care accounts for $90 billion in health care expenditures in the United(More)
BACKGROUND Low back pain (LBP) is a well-known reason people worldwide seek medical help and it is a Leading cause of chronic pain and disability among people of working age. Recent research reveals that the female gender is not only a risk factor for developing LBP but it may also influence the management of this common condition. OBJECTIVES Our(More)
BACKGROUND The aging kidney manifests structural, functional as well as pharmacological changes, rendering elderly patients more susceptible to adverse environmental influences on their health, dehydration in particular. HYPOTHESIS Higher temperature is associated with renal function impairment in patients 65 years and older who routinely take thiazide(More)
BACKGROUND In the emergency department (ED) critically-ill medical patients are treated in the resuscitation room (RR). No studies described the outcomes of critically-ill RR patients admitted to a hospital with low capacity of intensive care unit (ICU) beds. METHODS We included all medical patients above 18 who were admitted to a RR of a tertiary(More)