Ifor Williams

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Object oriented programming environments frequently suffer serious performance degradation because of a high level of paging activity when implemented using a conventional virtual memory system. Although the fine-grained, persistent nature of objects in such environments is not conducive to efficient paging, the performance degradation can be limited by(More)
Cyclin A1 is essential for leukemia progression, and its expression is tightly regulated by acinus, a nuclear speckle protein. However, the molecular mechanism of how acinus mediates cyclin A1 expression remains elusive. Here we show that transcription corepressor CtBP2 directly binds acinus, which is regulated by nerve growth factor (NGF), inhibiting its(More)
Conventional paging systems do not perform well with large object-oriented environments (such as Smalltalk-80 1 [GR83]) due to the fine granularity of objects and the persistence of the object space. One approach taken to increase efficiency has been to group objects together in virtual space in an attempt to keep related objects on the same page.(More)
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