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Ž . Ž . In spawning catfish Heteropneustes fossilis, seminal vesicle SV plasma SVP , testicular Ž . Ž . plasma TP and blood plasma BP all showed considerable differences in physical and chemical Ž . Ž . characteristics. SVP is more viscous 4.61"0.08 centipoise , and its specific gravity 1.06"0.003 Ž y1. and osmolality 277.4"8.32 m osmol kg are significantly(More)
Our main concern is the following variant of the image segmentation problem: given a weighted grid graph and a set of vertical and/or horizontal base lines crossing through the grid, compute a maximum-weight object which can be decomposed into based rectilinear convex objects with respect to the base lines. Our polynomial-time algorithm reduces the problem(More)
Our concern is the digitalization of line segments in Z as considered by Chun et al. [5] and Christ et al. [4]. The key property that differentiates the research of Chun et al. and Christ et al. from other research in digital line segment construction is that the intersection of any two segments must be connected. Such a system of segments is called a(More)
Applications like streaming audio, Internet telephony and multi-player online games prefer timeliness in packet delivery to reliability. TCP's reliability through packet retransmission and abrupt rate control features are unsuitable for these applications. As a result, these applications prefer UDP as the transport layer protocol. UDP does not have any(More)
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