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Watching Dallas: Soap Opera and the Melodramatic Imagination
Dallas, one of the great internationally-screened soap operas, offers us first and foremost entertainment. But what is it about Dallas that makes that entertainment so successful, and how exactly isExpand
Desperately seeking the audience
Millions of people all over the world are avid members of the television audience. Yet, despite the central place television occupies in contemporary culture, our understanding of its complex andExpand
Living room wars : rethinking media audiences for a postmodern world
Living Room Wars brings together Ien Ang's recent writings on television audiences, and , in response to recent criticisms of cultural studies, argues that it is possible to study audience pleasuresExpand
Together‐in‐difference: beyond diaspora, into hybridity
One of the most urgent predicaments of our time can be described in deceptively simple terms: how are we to live together in this new century—this century that has begun so sadly, so violently? "We"Expand
Can One Say No to Chineseness? Pushing the Limits of the Diasporic Paradigm
One day, when I was about six years old, one of the kids at school called at me "Ching Chong Chinaman, Born in a jar, Christened in a teapot, Ha ha ha." I had no idea what he meant although I knewExpand
Culture and Communication: Towards an Ethnographic Critique of Media Consumption in the Transnational Media System
The irresistible march of transnational media has given rise to widely experienced problems concerning cultural autonomy and identity. The research tradition of `cultural studies' offers a veryExpand
Living Diversity: Australia's Multicultural Future
This Journal Article is brought to you by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences atePublications@bond. It has been accepted for inclusion inHumanities & Social Sciences papers by an authorizedExpand
Navigating complexity: From cultural critique to cultural intelligence
That the world is terribly complex is now a vital part of global cultural experience, a structure of feeling which has grown more pervasive in the 21st century. How do we find ways of navigating theExpand
The Curse of the Smile: Ambivalence and the ‘Asian’ Woman in Australian Multiculturalism
This article critiques Australia's official discourse of multiculturalism, with its rhetoric of ‘celebrating cultural diversity’ and tolerance, by looking at the way in which this discourseExpand
Cultural diplomacy: beyond the national interest?
The field of cultural diplomacy, which looms large in present-day cultural policy and discourse, has been insufficiently analysed by the cultural disciplines. This special issue engages with the taskExpand