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IP3-Dependent Ca2+ Oscillations Switch into a Dual Oscillator Mechanism in the Presence of PLC-Linked Hormones
A mathematical model with dual coupled oscillators that integrates Ca2-induced Ca2+ release at the IP3R and mutual feedback mechanisms of cross-coupling betweenCa2+ and IP3 reproduces this behavior, and hormonal stimulation can switch from the simpler to the more complex to yield robust signaling. Expand
Dual mechanisms of Ca2+ oscillations in hepatocytes.
It is shown, both experimentally and in the model, that as agonist concentration increases, Ca2+ oscillations transition between simple narrow-spike oscillations and complex broad-sp spike oscillations, which concludes that multiple feedback mechanisms participate in regulating Ca2- oscillations in hepatocytes. Expand
A Tale of Two Receptors.
A new model of Ca2+ oscillations in hepatocytes is presented and the activity and intensity of PLC and PKC are suggested to explain the qualitatively diverse Ca2+, in response to P2Y receptor activation. Expand