Ieke Moerdijk

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The purpose of this paper is to describe orbifolds in terms of (a certain kind of) groupoids. In doing so, I hope to convince you that the theory of (Lie) groupoids provides a most convenient language for developing the foundations of the theory of orbifolds. Indeed, rather than defining all kinds of structures and invariants in a seemingly ad hoc way,(More)
This paper provides a partial solution to the completeness problem for Joyal’s axiomatization of open and etale maps, under the additional assumption that a collection axiom (related to the set-theoretical axiom with the same name) holds. In many categories of geometric objects, there are natural classes of open maps, of proper maps and of etale maps. Some(More)
Étale groupoids arise naturally as models for leaf spaces of foliations, for orbifolds, and for orbit spaces of discrete group actions. In this paper we introduce a sheaf homology theory for étale groupoids. We prove its invariance under Morita equivalence, as well as Verdier duality between Haefliger cohomology and this homology. We also discuss the(More)
Categorical logic studies the relation between category theory and logical languages, and provides a very efficient framework in which to treat the syntax and the model theory on an equal footing. For a given theory T formulated in a suitable language, both the theory itself and its models can be viewed as categories with structure, and the fact that the(More)