Idris David Mercer

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We define Bn to be the set of n-tuples of the form (a0, . . . , an−1) where aj = ±1. If A ∈ Bn, then we call A a binary sequence and define the autocorrelations of A by ck := ∑n−k−1 j=0 ajaj+k for 0 k n− 1. The problem of finding binary sequences with autocorrelations ‘near zero’ has arisen in communications engineering and is also relevant to conjectures(More)
Chu sequences are a family of polyphase sequences that have perfect periodic autocorrelations and good aperiodic autocorrelations. It has previously been proved that the maximum offpeak (aperiodic) autocorrelation (in absolute value) of the Chu sequence of length n is asymptotically equal to 0.480261√n. It has also been empirically observed that the(More)
1. C. B. Boyer, History of Analytic Geometry, Scripta Mathematica, New York, 1956. 2. J. L. Coolidge, The origin of analytic geometry, Osiris 1 (1936) 231–250, also available at www.jstor. org. 3. M. Ghomi and B. Solomon, Skew loops and quadric surfaces, Comment. Math. Helv. 4 (2002) 767–782. 4. J.-P. Sha and B. Solomon, No skew branes on non-degenerate(More)
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