Idongesit Mkpong-Ruffin

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Risk analysis is a process for considering possible risks and determining which are the most significant for any particular effort. Determining which risks to address and the optimum strategy for mitigating said risks is often an intuitive and qualitative process. An objective view of the risks inherent in a development effort requires a quantitative risk(More)
Since the inception of elections and election technologies, all segments of the voting population have never been granted equal access, privacy and security to voting. Modern electronic voting systems have made attempts to include disabled voters but have fallen short. Using recent developments in technology a secure, user centered, multimodal electronic(More)
S oftware security deals with the ability to protect software and its underlying systems from being exploited by unauthorized users and from mishaps from authorized users. This includes safeguarding against direct attacks [1], detecting and preventing indirect attacks that take advantage of software defects, removing defects, and preserving the intrinsic(More)
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