Idongesit E. Ebong

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A memristor is a two-terminal electronic device whose conductance can be precisely modulated by charge or flux through it. Here we experimentally demonstrate a nanoscale silicon-based memristor device and show that a hybrid system composed of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor neurons and memristor synapses can support important synaptic functions such(More)
| Most hardware neural networks have a basic competitive learning rule on top of a more involved processing algorithm. This work highlights two basic learning rules/ behavior: winner-take-all (WTA) and spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP). It also gives a design example implementing WTA combined with STDP in a position detector. A complementary(More)
The resonant tunneling diode (RTD) has found numerous applications in high-speed digital and analog circuits due to the key advantages associated with its folded back negative differential resistance (NDR) current-voltage (I-V) characteristics as well as its extremely small switching capacitance. Recently, the RTD has also been employed to implement(More)
Neural network approach to processing have been shown successful and efficient in numerous real world applications. The most successful of this approach are implemented in software but in order to achieve real-time processing similar to that of biological neural networks, hardware implementations of these networks need to be continually improved. This work(More)
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