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A memristor is a two-terminal electronic device whose conductance can be precisely modulated by charge or flux through it. Here we experimentally demonstrate a nanoscale silicon-based memristor device and show that a hybrid system composed of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor neurons and memristor synapses can support important synaptic functions such(More)
| Most hardware neural networks have a basic competitive learning rule on top of a more involved processing algorithm. This work highlights two basic learning rules/ behavior: winner-take-all (WTA) and spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP). It also gives a design example implementing WTA combined with STDP in a position detector. A complementary(More)
—The resonant tunneling diode (RTD) has found numerous applications in high-speed digital and analog circuits due to the key advantages associated with its folded back negative differential resistance (NDR) current-voltage (I-V) characteristics as well as its extremely small switching capacitance. Recently, the RTD has also been employed to implement(More)
— An analog CMOS neuromorphic design utilizing spike timing dependent plasticity and memristor synapses is investigated for use in building a multipurpose analog neuromorphic chip. In order to obtain a multipurpose chip, a suitable architecture is established and several functions with the proposed architecture are shown. Using the IBM 90 nm CMOS9RF(More)
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