Ido Ben-Aroya

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We describe a new scheme to induce large contrast (nearly 50%) absorption resonances using three co-propagating fields which interact with a three-level Λ-system (obtained by the D(2) transition of (87)Rb atoms) in an N-configuration scheme. A single mode laser which couples the upper ground state to the excited state of (87)Rb is phase modulated at half(More)
We Study a modification of classical FM spectroscopy in the cases where several electromagnetic fields are FM modulated, each in a different manner. This complex spectrum scans a multi-photon resonant atomic medium with the output detected by a phase-sensitive scheme. The demodulated output signal reveals the spectroscopic features of the probed medium. The(More)
We demonstrate a direct correspondence between FM parameters used in a frequency-locked loop that is based on multifield FM spectroscopy and the stability of a small-scale coherent population trapping atomic clock. Optimized FM parameters lead to an Allan deviation of 2.8 x 10(-11)/square root tau, while the clock stability deteriorates in a predictable(More)
We describe the optimization of a Frequency Locked Loop (FLL) in an atomic clock which is based on Coherent Population Trapping (CPT) in (87)Rb vapor using the D(2) transition. The FLL uses frequency modulation (FM) spectroscopy and we study the effect of FM parameters (modulation frequency and index) on the sensitivity and the signal to noise ratio of the(More)
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