Idit Zehavi

Michael A Strauss4
David H Weinberg4
Donald G York4
Michael R Blanton4
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We measure the large-scale real-space power spectrum P (k) using a sample of 205,443 galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, covering 2417 effective square degrees with mean redshift z ≈ 0.1. We employ a matrix-based method using pseudo-Karhunen-Lò eve eigenmodes , producing uncorrelated minimum-variance measurements in 22 k-bands of both the clustering(More)
Recent observations 1, 2 of high-redshift supernovae seem to suggest that the global geometry of the Universe may be affected by a 'cosmological constant', which acts to accelerate the expansion rate with time. But these data by themselves still permit an open universe of low mass density and no cosmological constant. Here we derive an independent(More)
  • Max Tegmark, Michael A Strauss, Michael R Blanton, Kevork Abazajian, Scott Dodelson, Havard Sandvik +56 others
  • 2003
We measure cosmological parameters using the three-dimensional power spectrum P (k) from over 200,000 galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) in combination with WMAP and other data. Our results are consistent with a " vanilla " flat adiabatic ΛCDM model without tilt (ns = 1), running tilt, tensor modes or massive neutrinos. Adding SDSS information(More)
  • Daniel J Eisenstein, David H Weinberg, Eric Agol, Hiroaki Aihara, Allende Prieto, Carlos Anderson +311 others
  • 2016
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs SDSS-III: massive spectroscopic surveys of the distant universe, the Milky Way, and extra-solar planetary systems Journal Article Eisenstein et al. ABSTRACT Building on the legacy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-I and II), SDSS-III is a program of four spectroscopic(More)
MOTIVATION DNA microarray technology and the completion of human and mouse genome sequencing programs are now offering new avenues for the investigation of complex genetic diseases. In particular, this makes possible the study of the spatial distribution of disease-related genes within the genome. We report on the first systematic search for clustering of(More)
  • Idit Zehavi, David H Weinberg, Andreas A Berlind, Michael R Blanton, Roman Scoccimarro, Ravi K Sheth +14 others
  • 2005
We study the luminosity and color dependence of the galaxy two-point correlation function in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, starting from a sample of $200,000 galaxies over 2500 deg 2. We concentrate our analysis on volume-limited subsamples of specified luminosity ranges, for which we measure the projected correlation function w p (r p), which is directly(More)
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