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BACKGROUND Oral anticoagulation with warfarin can lead to life-threatening events as a result of either over-anticoagulation or undertreatment. One of the main contributors to an undesirable warfarin effect is the need to adjust its daily dose for a specific patient. The dose is adjusted empirically based on the experience of the clinician, a method that is(More)
Acromesomelic dwarfism is a distinct condition characterized by short stature of the short limb type, with the hands and feet showing the most obvious deviations from normal. The forearm bones are usually disproportionately shorter than the other long tubular bones of the limbs. The intelligence is normal. Available data suggest autosomal recessive(More)
The presence of circulating autoantibodies in patients with Hashimoto's disease suggests that autoimmunity is implicated in the disease process, but the ultimate proof of an autoimmune patho-genesis of thyroiditis and other human diseases must be obtained by demonstrating the autoag-gressive action of antibodies or immunologically competent cells on the(More)