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classer les documents par rapport à une requête est un composant essentiel dans tout système de recherche d'information. Nous proposons de modéliser une fonction de correspondance prenant en compte à la fois le contenu et les liens hypertextes des pages Web. Nous avons expérimenté notre système sur la collection de test TREC-9, et nous concluons que pour(More)
This paper presents experiments using an algorithm of web page topic segmentation that show significant precision improvement in the retrieval of documents issued from the Web track corpus of TREC 2001. Instead of processing the whole document, a web page is segmented into different semantic blocks according to visual criteria (such as horizontal lines,(More)
Web search engines have become indispensable in our daily life to help us finding the information we need. Several search tools, for instance Google, use links to select the matching documents against a query. In this paper, we propose a new ranking function that combines content and link rank based on propagation of scores over links. This function(More)
Because the notion of context is multidisciplinary [17], it encompasses lots of issues in Information Retrieval. In this paper, we define the context as the information surrounding one document that is conveyed via the hy-pertext links. We propose different measures depending on the information chosen to enrich a current document, in order to assess the(More)
In this paper, we explore the use of new page segmentation algorithm using both visual and structural markup (<H1>,<HR>) to partition web pages into blocks and investigate how to take advantage of block-level evidence to improve retrieval performance in the web. We propose a new ranking function that combines content and link rank based on propagation of(More)
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