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—The Information Society Technologies—all-optical LAbel SwApping employing optical logic Gates in NEtwork nodes (IST-LASAGNE) project aims at designing and implementing the first, modular, scalable, and truly all-optical photonic router capable of operating at 40 Gb/s. The results of the first project year are presented in this paper, with emphasis on the(More)
We experimentally demonstrate an 100 Gbit/s hybrid optical fiber-wireless link by employing photonic heterodyning up-conversion of optical 12.5 Gbaud polarization multiplexed 16-QAM baseband signal with two free running lasers. Bit-error-rate performance below the FEC limit is successfully achieved for air transmission distances up to 120 cm. 1. J. Wells, "(More)
Multiple recirculations through an optical buffer using a fast-recon-figurable AVC based Crosspoint switch matrix is shown. A 10 Gbit=s payload is used and a small power penalty for each additional recirculation, up to 10 recirculations, is achieved. Introduction: Contention resolution in optical switching can be addressed using both fibre delay lines(More)
We present the approach of cognition applied to heterogeneous optical networks developed in the framework of the EU project CHRON: Cognitive Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Optical Network. We introduce and discuss in particular the technologies and techniques that will enable a cognitive optical network to observe, act, learn and optimizes its performance,(More)
This paper presents a theoretical and experimental assessment of the performance of a wavelength converter based on semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) in a MZI configuration for optical label swapping. The optical labeling of the signal is based on an FSK/IM combined modulation format for the header/payload, respectively. Experimental results are(More)