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It Takes Two
Theories of conflict emphasize dyadic interaction, yet existing empirical studies of civil war focus largely on state attributes and pay little attention to nonstate antagonists. We recast civil warExpand
Social Conflict in Africa: A New Database
We describe the Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD), a new event dataset for conducting research and analysis on various forms of social and political unrest in Africa. SCAD containsExpand
Refugees and the Spread of Civil War
Certain regions of the world experience more conflict than others. Previous analyses have shown that a civil war in one country significantly increases the likelihood that neighboring states willExpand
Non-state actors in civil wars: A new dataset
This paper introduces the Non-State Actors in Armed Conflict Dataset (NSA), which contains detailed information on the state–rebel group dyads included in the Uppsala Conflict Data Project DyadicExpand
Climate change, rainfall, and social conflict in Africa
Much of the debate over the security implications of climate change revolves around whether changing weather patterns will lead to future conflict. This article addresses whether deviations fromExpand
From Climate Change to Conflict? No Consensus Yet
Many scholars, policymakers, and activists have argued that climate change will lead to resource competition, mass migration, and, ultimately, an increase in armed conflict around the world. ThisExpand
Transnational Rebels: Neighboring States as Sanctuary for Rebel Groups
To what extent do international factors affect domestic conflict processes? How do external conditions affect the state's repressive capabilities and the opportunities for opposition groups toExpand
Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration and Conflict
This paper has been commissioned by the World Bank Group for the "Social Dimensions of Climate Change" workshop. Views represented are those of the authors, and do not represent an official positionExpand
The Externalities of Civil Strife: Refugees as a Source of International Conflict
Domestic strife and civil war frequently produce large population dislocations and refugee flows across national boundaries. Mass refugee flows often entail negative consequences for receivingExpand
Explaining External Support for Insurgent Groups
Abstract Many rebel organizations receive significant assistance from external governments, yet the reasons why some rebels attract foreign support while others do not is poorly understood. WeExpand