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Compressive sensing method was proved to be able to perform lower sampling rate than the Nyquist rate yet maintaining good reconstruction quality. In this paper, we present the utilization of compressive sampling to encode video signal efficiently and compare the results with existing video coding standard, i.e. MPEG-4. A frame is first divided into blocks(More)
In this work, we consider a compressive sampling problem implemented in digital video compression. The compressive sensing method has a tremendous growth in recent researches. Inevitably, video compression field should explore alternatives in this novel approach to overcome some signal reconstruction drawbacks. We present the video signal representation and(More)
The connectivity of the user equipment is one of the important thing that must be keep by the operator. To maintain this connectivity, operator should be smart to determine the network infrastructure that is low cost, easy, and fast to be implemented. To solve those connectivity problem, in this study will be designed an ad hoc mobile phone network. In an(More)
Compressive sampling had been applied tremendously fast in signal processing and video compression these few years. It is inevitable to develop medical video compression based on this relatively new point of view, due to the necessity of low complexity encoder for many medical applications. In this paper, we present our recent results on the investigation(More)
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