Ida Raffaelli

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The Maremma Plain (central Italy) was hyper-endemic for malaria until the mid-20th century, when a national campaign for malaria elimination drastically reduced the presence of the main vector Anopheles labranchiae Falleroni. However, the introduction of rice cultivation over 30 yr ago has led to an increase in the An. labranchiae population and concern(More)
This paper gives an overview of the scientific program "Computational linguistic models and language technologies for Croatian " that has been launched recently. Its short and long term goals, its composition as well as methodology and expected results are presented.
The present volume contains a collection of contributions originally presented as keynote talks or as regular papers at the International and the USA attended the conference. From a metatheoretical point of view, it appears that the life of most linguistic frameworks is characterized by an intricate interplay of both centripetal and centrifugal forces. They(More)
domain of experience (e.g. hayat tadını görmek “to taste/experience life”, (lit. “to see the taste of life”). Turkish verbs do not extend their meanings to all abstract domains Croatian prefixed verbs do: they do not share meanings with Croatian verbs pokušati “to try; to attempt”, okušati se, okušati se u, okušati se kao “to try (out) (as)”, nor can they(More)
Leptoconops spp. are small midges, members of the family Ceratopogonidae, that are relatively widespread in wetlands with sandy or silty-clay soils, including many tourist sites. Although very few of the species are proven vectors of pathogens, the blood-feeding females attack mammals, including humans, in large swarms and their painful bites may cause(More)
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