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It is often found that tangent-stiffness finite element solutions for elastic-plastic materials exhibit much too stiff a response in the fully plastic range. This is most striking for the perfectly plastic material idealization, in which case a limit load exists within conventional small displacement gradient assumptions. However, finite element solutions(More)
A survey of UK clinicians suggested that there was no consistent policy regarding the duration of treatment for patients receiving chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer. Patients who were responding or had stable disease after receiving 12 weeks of de Gramont, Lokich or Raltitrexed therapy were therefore randomised to either 'continue' therapy until(More)
Resistance to targeted therapies is a major problem in cancer treatment. The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) antibody drugs are effective in a subset of colorectal cancers, but the molecular mechanisms of resistance are understood poorly. Genes involved in epigenetic regulation are frequently deregulated in cancer, raising the possibility that such(More)
R. Altura N. Aptsiauri J. Baak E. Barbé M. Barcellos-Hoff J. Bart J. Beliën M. Bleeker Z. Blumenfeld P. Borst L. Bosch E. Boven R.H. Brakenhoff C. Brinckerhoff H. Broxterman H. Buerger T. Buffart A. Böcking J. Camacho B. Carvalho F. Cerisoli L. Chow S. Cillessen M. Cremer H. Danielsen R. de Krijger B. Diosdado Calvo B. Eckelman I. Eke J. Erler K. Ewan R.(More)
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