Ickjai Lee

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In many GIS settings, the Euclidean metric is not applicable as the model for distance between points. Other geometric models are needed in many practical scenarios, for which urban geography is a common example. Recently, Estivill-Castro and Lee [8] proposed an effective and efficient boundary-based clustering method overcoming drawbacks of traditional(More)
This paper describes a series of dynamic update methods that can be applied to a family of Voronoi diagram types, so that changes can be updated incrementally, without the usual recourse to complete reconstruction of their underlying data structure. More efficient incremental update methods are described for the ordinary Voronoi diagram, the farthest-point(More)
With the development of web technique and social network sites human now can produce information, share with others online easily. Photo-sharing website, Flickr, stores huge number of photos where people upload and share their pictures. This research proposes a framework that is used to extract associative points-of-interest patterns from geo-tagged photos(More)