Ichizo Yagi

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Conductive boron-doped chemical vapor-deposited diamond thin films, already known to have superior properties for general electroanalysis, including low background current and a wide potential window, are here shown to have additional advantages with respect to electrochemical oxidation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), including high resistance(More)
PURPOSE The new microemulsion preconcentrate (MEPC) formulation of ciclosporin has been developed to reduce problems in intestinal absorption and to stabilize fluctuations in blood levels. A multicenter, open-label clinical trial of MEPC was conducted to assess its efficacy and safety in Behçet's disease patients with ocular involvement. METHODS The(More)
Two-dimensional chirality at naturally chiral gold single crystalline surfaces was detected and characterized using optical second harmonic generation (SHG) measurements. SHG rotational anisotropy (SH-RA) patterns at Au(643)S and Au(643)R surfaces were mirror symmetric to each other. Systematic SH-RA measurements at chiral Au(hkl) surfaces with the same(More)
It is known that cross-reinnervation occurs when regenerating nerve fibers recombine in brachial plexus injury, especially in obstetrical paralysis. This cross-reinnervation causes abnormal contraction in many muscles simultaneously during voluntary movement. To date, however, little has been reported on its pathophysiology, severity and prognosis. In order(More)
The first photocontrollable magnetic nanoparticles containing CdS and Prussian blue (PB) have been created using reverse micelles as nanoreactors. Photoinduced electron transfer from CdS to PB in the reverse micelle changed the magnetic properties of the composite nanoparticles from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic. The magnetization in the ferromagnetic(More)
Surface-enhanced infrared absorption (SEIRA)-active Au/Ti bilayer films sputter deposited on Si substrates have been prepared by an electrochemical annealing (ECA) treatment for the first time. The application of Au/Ti bilayer films on Si substrates to the spectroscopic technique is a promising alternative to the conventional technique using directly(More)
In situ optical second harmonic generation (SHG) technique was employed to investigate the shape and density of Cu nanoclusters, which were electrochemically formed on p-GaAs(001) electrode surfaces. Since GaAs is not a centrosymmetric medium, a significant portion of SHG signal arises from the bulk dipole susceptibility, but it was possible to separate a(More)
The electrodeposition of tellurium (Te) on polycrystalline gold electrodes was studied using in situ optical second harmonic generation (SHG) at two different excitation wavelengths. On excitation at 1064 nm, the SH signal decreased dramatically with the first Te underpotential deposition (upd) and increased slightly with the second upd and the bulk(More)