Ichizo Nakajima

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Eleven oligosaccharides formed by a transglycosylation reaction during lactose hydrolysis with Bacillus circulans beta-galactosidase were purified by gel permeation chromatography, charcoal chromatography, and HPLC. From the results of methylation analysis, and MS and NMR studies, it was concluded that these oligosaccharides were beta-D-Galp-(1-->3)-D-Glc,(More)
The aim of this study was to establish a reproducible and quantitative liver metastasis model in mice. The in vitro colon 26 (C-26) cultured cell line was initially taken from an in vivo transplantable C-26 adenocarcinoma tumor mass using the standard enzymatic treatments, collagenase and DNAse. In vitro cultured cells ×104 were introduced into the portal(More)
Lactitol-oligosaccharide (LO) was prepared from lactitol by transglycosylation reaction with Aspergillus oryzae beta-galactosidase. LO is resistant to metabolism in the small intestine but not in the large intestine. The effects of LO, lactose (Lac), lactitol (Lacol) and galactooligosaccharide (GL) on calcium and magnesium absorption were determined by(More)
To investigate the effects of dietary nucleotides on lipid metabolism and learning ability, male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed with a nucleotides-supplemented diet or a nucleotides-free diet for 5 weeks. The content of nucleotides in the diet was 1.0% and their composition resembled that in human milk. The content of phosphatidylcholine (PC) and the ratio of(More)
Lactitol-oligosaccharide (LO) was prepared from lactitol by a transgalactosylation reaction catalyzed by Aspergillus oryzae beta-galactosidase. The utilization of LO by human intestinal bacteria, the digestion of LO by rat jejunum mucosal homogenates and the effects of LO on the intestinal microflora in rats were compared with those of lactitol. 1) LO was(More)
PURPOSE To determine the risk factors for elbow injury and its association with glenohumeral internal rotation deficit among young baseball players. METHODS 229 baseball players aged 9 to 14 (mean, 11) years completed a self-administered questionnaire with items related to years of playing baseball, hours of training per weekday, days of training per(More)
The content of nucleotides and nucleosides of human milk was analyzed using a newly developed method for high performance liquid chromatography. By this method it is possible to analyze nucleotides and nucleosides simultaneously. Human milk was pooled according to season, lactation period, and geographical area. Three kinds of nucleosides--cytidine,(More)