Ichiro Shoji

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A precore defective variant of hepatitis B virus has been indicated to cause fulminant hepatitis in various instances such as intrahospital outbreaks or mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus. To learn whether similar variants are involved in interspouse transmission, we analyzed three cases of fulminant hepatitis B that developed in formerly(More)
The thermal-birefringence effect in Nd(3+) -doped YAG ceramics has been investigated. The amount of depolarization induced by thermal birefringence in Nd:YAG ceramics is nearly the same as that in (111)-cut single crystals at the same Nd(3+) concentration. However, depolarization becomes larger as the Nd(3+) concentration increases, even at the same(More)
Continuous-wave high-power green light generation at room temperature is reported in a single-pass frequency-doubling configuration with bulk periodically poled MgO:LiNbO3 crystal placed outside a diode end-pumped Nd:GdVO4 laser. The MgO:LiNbO3 samples of 6.95-microm domain period, uniform periodicity, and 50% duty cycle along the entire crystal length are(More)
This work reports on a beam quality and dynamic behaviors of a mirror-coated highly-doped YAG (Y(3)Al(5)O(12)) microchip ceramic laser possessing an increased number of grain boundaries. The degradation of beam quality factor in transverse patterns due to spatial inhomogeneity across the beam, multiple split-mode operations, violation of antiphase dynamics(More)
We proposed a method to determine device quality in heat removal. Temperature change depending on SH power was analyzed by fitting with a new model to characterize heat removal performance of SHG modules, named as phase-matched calorimetry (PMC). The thermal disposal performance of SHG devices was improved by combination of metal housing and reduced crystal(More)
INTRODUCTION Physiological responses to +Gz stress have been reported in several studies. However, no reports exist on differences in arterial pressure responses between increasing and decreasing G phases. We hypothesized that +Gz stress and/or an anti-G support might disturb the circulation system and cause potential brain hypoperfusion, even if the anti-G(More)
An advanced lead-free solder alloy, SnAg -Cu-Ni-Ge, has been developed to improve the mechanical properties of the SnAg -Cu base solders and prevent oxidation of those solders. In this paper, an interfacial reaction and microstructure between the solder and a Cu electrode were investigated under heat exposure conditions. It was found that intermetallic(More)
We have succeeded in bonding a Nd:YAG crystal and an anti-reflection coated diamond crystal to realize a composite laser which minimizes the Fresnel-reflection loss at the bonded interface for the first time. This newly developed composite laser has realized higher output power at higher pump power than a non-composite Nd:YAG laser while keeping nearly the(More)
This paper describes the first demonstration of ultraviolet (266nm) vortex generation using the combination of a frequency-doubled nanosecond green laser, a spiral phase plate, and a periodically bonded β-BaB2O4 device. For a laser pumping energy of 9.1 mJ, an ultraviolet vortex energy of 1.24 mJ was obtained, corresponding to a conversion efficiency of(More)
Although “teeth clenching” induces pressor response, the reflex tracts of the response are unknown. In this study, dantrolene administration inhibited teeth clenching generated by electrical stimulation of the masseter muscles and completely abolished the pressor response. In addition, trigeminal ganglion block or hexamethonium administration completely(More)