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In this paper, we propose a system called SoundSpot, which is A Next-generation Audio-guide System for museums. Although the original goal of the system is to solve problems in audio-based annotations, the system can attract a lot of interest as an magical entertainment system. So though the system we aim that children can enhance their motivation to know(More)
This paper presents a new framework for constructing mobile agents. The framework introduces the notion of agent hierarchy and inter-agent migration and thus allows a group of mobile agents to be dynamically assembled into a single mobile agent. It provides a powerful method to construct a distributed application, in particular a large-scale mobile(More)
— Mobile agents can migrate among nodes to perform a set of management tasks at each of the visited nodes. Existing mobile agent-based network management systems often assume that their mobile agents are designed to work in particular networks to raise the efficiency of agent migration among multiple nodes. Unfortunately, such mobile agents cannot be reused(More)
MobiDoc is a framework for building mobile compound documents, where the compound document can be dynamically composed of mobile agents and can migrate itself over a network as a whole, with all its embedded agents. The key of this framework is that it builds a hierarchical mobile agent system that enables multiple mobile agents to be combined into a single(More)
Various home appliances and personal appliances are expected to be connected to the Internet in the near future, and the number of such appliances will become extremely large. The Internet will provide connectivity between nodes running various services and applications, in order to provide new advanced functionality. However, the conventional IP protocol(More)
This paper presents a framework for building context-aware applications in ubiquitous and mobile computing settings. The framework provides people , places, and things with computational functionalities to support and annotate them. It is unique among existing systems because the functionalities are implemented by mobile agents. Using location-tracking(More)