Ichiro Satake

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We define the spherical Hecke algebra H for an almost split Kac-Moody group G over a local non-archimedean field. We use the hovel I associated to this situation, which is the analogue of the Bruhat-Tits building for a reductive group. The stabilizer K of a special point on the standard apartment plays the role of a maximal open compact subgroup. We can(More)
A prospective, randomized multi-center study was conducted to assess the clinical effectiveness of Lentinan, an immunomodulatory agent, in the metastatic prostate cancer. Of seventy-five patients enrolled from July 1987 to June 1992, 69 were eligible. All patients received hormonal therapy and chemotherapy using Tegafur p.o. at a dose of 400-800 mg/day.(More)
To study the treatment effects of ofloxacin (OFLX) on the patients with complicated urinary tract infections (UTI), OFLX at a daily dose of 600 mg divided into either two or three doses per day, was administered for 14 days to 114 patients with complicated UTI. Among the 114 patients, 67 patients satisfied the criteria for clinical evaluation of complicated(More)
A case of a 37-year-old woman with a retroperitoneal tumor is reported. Angiography revealed that the tumor was partially supplied via an intercostal artery, suggesting that the cause of the tumor might be located in the rib. Histologically the tumor was diagnosed as a malignant mesenchymoma composed of chondrosarcoma and myxoid liposarcoma in addition to(More)
We evaluated a newly developed quinolone agent, tosurofloxacin (TFLX), for its safety and clinical efficacy on patients with urinary tract infections (UTI). Among 138 cases satisfying the UTI criteria, 75 cases were acute simple UTI and 63 cases were chronic complicated UTI. In principle, a daily dose of 450 mg of TFLX was administered for 3 days and for 5(More)