Ichiro Iimura

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In this paper, an approach based upon Genetic Recombination is proposed, and applied to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). The algorithm is composed of two Sample Genetic Algorithms (SGAs) which only consist of the basic genetic operators such as selection, crossover and mutation. One of the SGAs is named as the Global Genetic Algorithm (GGA), and(More)
—The physical concept of quantum entanglement state was applied to cooperative behavior of two ants (agents) pushing a pebble, which is too heavy for one ant, developed by Summhammer. His conventional study showed that the two quantum-inspired ants imitating quantum entanglement state can push the pebble up to twice relative to the two classical ants in(More)
—Adiabatic quantum computation has been proposed as quantum parallel processing with adiabatic evolution by using a superposition state to solve combinatorial optimization problem, then it has been applied to many problems like satisfiability problem. Among them, Deutsch and Deutsch-Jozsa problems have been tried to be solved by using adiabatic quantum(More)
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