Ichiro Hisaki

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We report direct measurements of the excess polarizability volumes of butadiyne-bridged zinc porphyrin dimers at singly beta-to-beta (1Zn) and doubly beta-to-beta (2Zn) positions using the transient dc photoconductivity (TDCP) technique. The excess polarizability volumes of the singlet exciton for 1Zn and 2Zn are 110 and 270 A(3), respectively, while those(More)
Aromaticity is a key concept in organic chemistry. Even though this concept has already been theoretically extrapolated to three dimensions, it usually still remains restricted to planar molecules in organic chemistry textbooks. Stacking of antiaromatic π-systems has been proposed to induce three-dimensional aromaticity as a result of strong frontier(More)
We report a substitution of 9-phenylanthracenyl group into rhodamine derivatives that can induce the J-aggregate formation of rhodamine moieties in the aqueous solution upon the addition of a halide ion. From X-ray crystallographic analysis, the dramatic red-shift in the absorption band (i.e. app. 100 nm) originates from the cooperative slipped-stacking of(More)
Chiral molecules preferentially form one-handed supramolecular assemblies that reflect the absolute configuration of the molecules. Under specific conditions, however, the opposite-handed supramolecular assemblies are also obtained because of flexibility in the bond length and reversibility of non-covalent interactions. The mechanism of the handedness(More)
Steroidal bile acids and their derivatives exhibit characteristic inclusion behaviors in the crystalline state. Their crystals present varied assemblies due to asymmetric molecular structures, which relate to supramolecular properties through cooperative weak interactions. An overview indicates that the steroidal assemblies lie in an intermediate position(More)
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