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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Stellate ganglion block can promptly relieve acute herpetic pain (AHP) involving the trigeminal and cervical regions. However, repeated blocks are needed to maintain pain relief in most patients with severe AHP. Because continuous epidural block is easily performed using an indwelling catheter, we compared the effect of high(More)
Nociceptive behaviors were examined in the mice lacking alpha1d-adrenergic receptor (alpha1d-AR) and wild type littermates using tail-flick, hot-plate (hindpaw-licking and jumping), tail-pinch and formalin tests. The distribution of alpha1d-AR was studied using in situ hybridization in the wild type mice. Mutant mice showed longer tail-flick and(More)
We examined the involvement of the spinal muscarinic receptors in the clonidine-induced antiallodynic effects. Mechanical sensitivity was assessed by stimulating the hind paw with von Frey filaments. In streptozotocin-treated (200 mg/kg, i.v.) diabetic mice, hypersensitivity to mechanical stimulation appeared 3 days after streptozotocin administration, and(More)
Olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA) is one of the spinocerebellar degenerative diseases. Reports of patients complicated with OPCA are scarce in anesthetic literature. We managed a 79-year-old woman with sialolithiasis of the left submandibular gland complicated with OPCA. She underwent a removal of the gland under general anesthesia using oxygen, nitrous(More)
The supporting ability for the growth of Campylobacter pylori was tested on various agar plates. C. pylori grew on media supplemented with blood, serum or egg-yolk, and it showed good growth on Mueller Hinton agar with horse blood, and on brain-heart infusion agar with yeast extract and horse blood. The organism grew moderately on Mueller Hinton agar, but(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Local anesthetics in blood absorbed from the epidural space attenuate bronchial hyperreactivity to chemical stimuli. However, it is not documented whether local anesthetics at clinically relevant concentrations improve active wheezing in patients with bronchial asthma. CASE REPORT We managed a 60-year-old man with bronchial(More)
A 35-year-old man with chronic myeloid leukemia whose peripheral leukocyte count was 18.6 x 10(4).mm-3 underwent splenectomy. Perioperative arterial blood gas analysis showed lower oxygen saturations than those measured with pulse oximetry. The findings suggested pseudohypoxemia because of marked leukocytosis.