Ibtissem Doghri

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Few studies have reported the species composition of bacterial communities in marine biofilms formed on natural or on man-made existing structures. In particular, the roles and surface specificities of primary colonizers are largely unknown for most surface types. The aim of this study was to obtain potentially pioneering bacterial strains with high(More)
An instrumented falling weight impact test is thoroughly investigated in two cases, that of a rebound and that of a rupture in the sample. First, the force signal is analyzed with four methods: the continuous wavelet transform (with di€erent wavelets: derivatives of a Gaussian and Morlet's), the Gabor transform, the Wigner±Ville transform and the classical(More)
At low tide, intertidal mudflat biofilms cover large surfaces and are mainly responsible for the high productivity of these marine areas. In the European Atlantic coast, such biofilms are mainly composed of diatoms, especially Navicula phyllepta, bacteria, and microbial extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). To better understand interactions occurring(More)
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