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Nine dominant bacterial isolates were obtained from different batches of Crassostrea gigas spat experiencing high mortality rates in a French experimental hatchery/nursery in 2007. Using phenotypic analysis combined with multilocus sequence analysis, the isolates were shown to be genetically close to the Vibrio tubiashii type strain. Based on (1) analyses(More)
Nonribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPS) are actively sought out, due to pharmacologically important activities of their metabolites. In marine environment, the most prevalent nonribosomal peptide antibiotic producers are sponges inhabiting microorganisms. Conversely, strains from marine sediments and more especially from intertidal mudflats have not been(More)
This paper deals with mean-field Eshelby-based homogenization techniques for multi-phase composites and focuses on three subjects which in our opinion deserved more attention than they did in the existing literature. Firstly, for two-phase composites, that is when in a given representative volume element all the inclusions have the same material properties,(More)
Vibrio tubiashii is a marine pathogen isolated from larval and juvenile bivalve molluscs that causes bacillary necrosis. Recent studies demonstrated the isolation of this species in a French experimental hatchery/nursery affecting Crassostrea gigas spat in 2007. Here, using larvae of C. gigas as an interaction model, we showed that the French V. tubiashii(More)
Few studies have reported the species composition of bacterial communities in marine biofilms formed on natural or on man-made existing structures. In particular, the roles and surface specificities of primary colonizers are largely unknown for most surface types. The aim of this study was to obtain potentially pioneering bacterial strains with high(More)
The Rice & Tracey, damage work, and LemaEtre & Chaboche models were investigated on cylindrical notched extruded copper bars. The values of the two constant factors appearing in the expression of the void growth rate in the Rice & Tracey model were reevaluated by combining experiments (porosity measurements and tensile tests) and numerical computations of(More)
At low tide, intertidal mudflat biofilms cover large surfaces and are mainly responsible for the high productivity of these marine areas. In the European Atlantic coast, such biofilms are mainly composed of diatoms, especially Navicula phyllepta, bacteria, and microbial extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). To better understand interactions occurring(More)
Extracellular products (ECPs) of the French Vibrio tubiashii strain 07/118 T2 were previously reported to be toxic for the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas. In this study we now assessed host cellular immune responses and bacterial potential effectors by which these ECPs can be associated with host damages. The adhesion capacity (28% inhibition) and(More)
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