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High prevalence of chronic orofacial pain in women and its relationship with ovarian states suggest that ovarian hormones may be involved in the control of orofacial nociception. Since the interaction between ovarian hormones and nociception seems more evident in the orofacial area than in many other parts of the body, a possible site specificity of an(More)
In Internet of Thing era, intelligence is embedded in everyday objects so they can communicate information. The goal of researcher is, in addition to the omnipresence, to enable mobility of smart products. In the Internet mobility, identifiers should be assigned stable and not take into account the ever changing topology of the Internet. Locators should(More)
This paper proposes ways to make sure that the components of a mobile laboratory are always connected to various Internet access points anytime, anywhere and where ubiquitous heterogeneous wireless systems are available. A joint mixture of dynamic and automatic wireless, heterogeneous and pervasive intercommunication system is then provided to a mobile(More)
In current HIP (Host Identity Protocol) architecture, the mobility procedure consist of a three-way handshake between the mobile node (MN) and its peers. This procedure lead to a stopping communication between MN and its correspondent's nodes (CN), which results in packets loss and delay if the procedure takes some time. HIP is not optimized for(More)
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